Ulisari Eslita is a Jakarta-based journalist and currently working at Forbes Indonesia magazine as a senior editor. She was born in Medan (North Sumatera) on 24 February 1982. She has been working as a journalist since 2004 and has been dealing with business and economy issues for the past eleven years.

At Forbes, she covers the local to global business scene, from established tycoons to the smallest startups, as well as investment advice, commodities, and Indonesia’s macroeconomics view. Previously, she was a reporter for Globe Asia magazine, a business English magazine based in Jakarta. She also was a reporter for Koran Jakarta newspaper.

In 2014, she was selected as one of few global business journalists to join the “Business and Financial Writing” conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation in London on June 2014. The course comprised practical knowledge on writing business and financial news, commodity, central bank, equity/stock market, and bonds.

Prior to that, she got he privileged to be one of Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) fellows on SEAPA fellowship program of 2013, themed: Freedom of Expression Challenges to Internet Government in Southeast Asia. During the program, she did a research on freedom of expression in Singapore.

Ulisari graduated from North Sumatera University in 2003 with a bachelor degree in Communication Study.

Ulisari can be reach at: ulisarieslita@gmail.com


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