Buying health

parfait8 parfait7Buying health. Can you?

I can’t. So? I prefer to take good care of my body with those healthy meals. I started with bring my own home cooking meal to the office everyday. I have my homemade healthy juices and smoothies every morning. And try to swim or jog more frequent (frankly speaking, i am too lazy to do the last thing i mentioned).

Actually, my husband and I started this clean eating program since he got tumors on his back last year. It was a very stressful moment in life, since we just got married. It happened just six months after we got married. Anyway, that moment became our turning point to live healthily.

At the beginning we started to make juices every morning. The juices usually contains of fruits, such as carrot, apple, tomato, etc. Earlier this year, I started to put in some veggies like bok choy or romaine lettuce in our juices. Then, we feel that it helps us to digest better, make our metabolism works better than before, and sleep well for sure!

As time goes by, I see many people started to make green juice (put more veggies on the juices compare to the fruits). One of the pioneer is Nadya Hutagalung and also Sophie Navita with her green smoothie and raw food (though I am not eating raw food currently).

Anyway, as time goes by, i think (and my husband as well), I keep improving making smoothies. Initially, i just mix fruits, then gradually, I put veggies, cereal, muesli, mixed of nuts and seeds (almond, pistachio, pumpkin, sunflower) in it and make layers of veggies and fruits in the jar. Voila! Suddenly, I make beautiful, yummy and healthy smoothies. I love them!


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