Pitying Korean

This morning, I was a bit surprised when I read a news on BBC about the education superpowers, which are: Finland, Korea, Hongkong, Japan and Singapore. Yes, this time, the big five countries are dominated by Asian countries. Unfortunately, Indonesia still at the lowest together with Brazil and Mexico.

After reading the article, I realized on what my Korean friend, Alana, told me a few days ago. Alana said, education is everything in Korean. If you are not rich, so you need to be educated, or else you will be despised. According to Alana, there are 3 questions will be asked by Korean on your first met: 1. How are you?, 2. How old are you?, 3. Which school do you go to? “If it is not in the top five university, you’ll be despised,” she said.

This social pressure made Korean people push their selves and their children to get education as highest as possible. Don’t be surprised if during the final exam, there will be plenty of parents are praying together in the public place or in a church lest the children could pass the exam.


The most miserable thing is, if they can’t pass the exam, many of them will commit a suicide. Oh gosh! I think Korean people are pushing themselves too hard. They should be enjoying their life, travel around the world, rather than trying to get an MBA degree at Ivy League universities.

For me, getting into Ivy League university is a super cool thing that I will do. But that is not the main point in my life. I will not obsessed with that kind of thing. Either I’ll get it or not, that won’t be a problem.

So what does Korean do if they can’t get into the top five university? So what does poor Korean do if they can’t get the chance to the higher education? Yes, entering the entertainment industry. Yes, K-Pop!!

From Alana, I know that being an K-Pop artist is really not easy. First, it takes time, at least 13 years contract with the label. But, before that, you have to make sure that you are physically perfect. No wonder if many Korean teenagers had plastic surgery since they’re young. “They had face lift, liposuction, nose surgery, etc,” says Alana. Oh, poor them.

Me? I don’t care even if one day i found out that there are wrinkles on my face. Why? Because I am not a K-Pop artist, so I don’t have to, right? LOL..

Unfortunately, K-Pop industry gave them almost none of the profits from their success. K-Pop is expensive to produce. The groups are highly manufactured, and can require a team of managers, choreographers and wardrobe assistants, as well as years of singing lessons, dance training, accommodation and living expenses. The bill can add up to several hundred thousand dollars. Depending on the group, some estimates say it is more like a million.

Well, this industry worth over $30 million in 2009. But in return, to the artists I mean, NOTHING! Alana said, they still poor. They’re just famous.

For me, that’s not my goal in life. I just want to be happy and enjoying life.



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