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Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. Peter Drucker

I’m learning. Yeah, I’m learning how to lead people, even I don’t want to. What should I say?
So what should I do? Ruling people like I want to? Or demanding others to do things I like or want?
No! I am trying to create another leaders.
What for? Since I know I won’t be there forever. I won’t lead other people forever.
I’m learning guys. I’m learning how to be a good leader. How to lead people. How to be a problem shooter. And how to manage conflicts.
These past four months teach me how to be a leader through a bad leadership experience.
I really really don’t like it.
Recently, I was at one point to give up. I mean it! I was really can’t stand on it. I thought that my life will be nicer if I had never accept this offer.
But then I remembered that I should dancing in the rain. I realized, at least I should be stand still whenever I can’t go up. That would be better, I think.
Dear God, please help me. Help me to lead people like You never give up on leading me according to your plan.

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